Creating historical invoices

John Dablin jdablin at
Tue Sep 2 14:13:44 EDT 2008

On Tuesday 02 September 2008, Derek Atkins wrote:
> John Dablin <jdablin at> writes:
> > Encouraged by me (a long time GnuCash user) my wife is
> > converting her accounts to GnuCash. She's trying to enter
> > invoices going back to the start of her financial year (1st
> > April), but when she creates an invoice it won't let her
> > specify a creation date earlier than the 1st of the current
> > month. Is this a feature, or is there something we can tweak to
> > allow this?
> Is this 2.2.6 on Windows?  If so it's a known date-entry bug
> fixed in 2.2.7.  You can either wait for 2.2.7 or downgrade to
> 2.2.5.
> > Paradoxically, she can create the invoice dated 1st August, but
> > GnuCash then allows it to be paid on 6th May!
> Yeah, the opening date has nothing to do with the posting date
> or due dates.  That's not a bug.
> > Thanks in anticipation
> > John Dablin
> >
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> > You can do this by using Reply-To-List or Reply-All.
> -derek

Thank you. I realised it was bug after reading some other posts. I 
suggested downgrading, but she's happy to wait for 2.2.7.


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