Newbie: Want to integrate with Contact Mgmt

Des Dougan des at
Thu Sep 4 00:37:11 EDT 2008

jheske wrote:
> I am developing software for a small law practice.  GnuCash seems like a
> great solution for the Accounting side, but I am also developing a set of
> apps for document processing based on OpenOffice. I need to do things like
> personalized contracts, non-disclosures, and other correspondence, all of
> which will pull customer details from a database.  Is there any way I can
> access GC's customer contact data so I can access it for my other apps?  Or
> do I really need to maintain the accounting and the doc processing with two
> separate versions of the same customer data?
> I haven't even installed GC yet as I'm still in the investigation phase, so
> I'm not likely to understand too much jargon at this point.  Thanks so much
> for any guidance!

I use GnuCash along with SugarCRM for managing my consulting engagements 
and billing for them. Until GC has a database back-end, data is being 
stored in two places, unfortunately.



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