New specification for Canadian cheques

Ronal B Morse rbmorse at
Mon Sep 8 15:19:39 EDT 2008

I think. Derek, that what he is saying is that the Canadians 
now require the character string "yyyymmdd" to be printed on 
the check immediately under the numerical date.

Exactly what this is supposed to accomplish is beyond me, 
and I really believe it is an issue for the printers of 
blank check stationery, but if I read the post correctly 
it's not an issue that can be addresses by the current Gnucash.

Ron Morse

Derek Atkins wrote:
> Paul,
> Paul Bak <gnu4cash at> writes:
>> Canadian cheques require date to have following format (for example for today):
>> DATE   20080908
>>               yyyymmdd
>> Word "DATE", and string "yyyymmdd" has to be added by Gnucash and positioned as above.
>> I'm on ver 2.2.5 and Fedora 9.
> Edit -> Preferences -> Printing
>   Print Date Format
>> Paul
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> -derek

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