New specification for Canadian cheques

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Mon Sep 8 15:28:55 EDT 2008


Ronal B Morse <rbmorse at> writes:

> I think. Derek, that what he is saying is that the Canadians now
> require the character string "yyyymmdd" to be printed on the check
> immediately under the numerical date.

I know what he is saying, and I'm saying that GnuCash *does* do this,
at least according to that preference tooltip.  That preference's
tooltip says:  "Below the actual date, print the format of that
date in 8 point type".  I don't know about you, but this sounds
exactly what Paul is asking for.

> Exactly what this is supposed to accomplish is beyond me, and I really
> believe it is an issue for the printers of blank check stationery, but
> if I read the post correctly it's not an issue that can be addresses
> by the current Gnucash.

Yes, it's a stupid rule.  It's there to differentiate between different
date formats, because they could have y-m-d or y-d-m (I'm guessing).
But Gnucash does it.

What it DOESN'T do is output the string "DATE" before putting the
date in there.

> Ron Morse

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