"Set up Suggetions"

LaMark Lee lemark_lee at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 9 17:42:49 EDT 2008

Hello, I'm a young entreprenuer in need of a small business transfer/transaction system that works simultaneous w/ a chart of accounts similiar to the common set up. I'm buying a bulk order of wholesale t-shirts then paying screen printing service ( 5.00 per shirt) then resale at retail (19.99) pricing. I need a way to record business expenses of good/services (t-shirts and screenprinting) , the return (14.99)/recoupment(5.00) of sales and in seperate accounts to determine profit/loss every month w/ reports. The reason why I would have profit loss is because of t-shirt giveaways for marketing, t-shirt donations and selling shirts less than wholesale price (5.00). I also might resale some t-shirts at wholesale prce to promote. I doing so I'm not losing money. How would I record this as well. Contact me whenever you get a chance. Thanks!


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