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Michael Barrie Smith michaelbarriesmith at
Tue Sep 9 19:35:50 EDT 2008

Ok I have been using GnuCash for 12 months and I live in Australia. I have
modified GnuCash to suit the Australian Tax requirements editing Tax tables
and invoices etc. Now I need to know the stored location of the tax table
itself. Why do you ask? My accountant is not a person who can change a
program in any way.
What I intend on doing is making a patch with my software tools ( It doesn't
modify the source code just the files after a install) So that my accountant
can install GnuCash then apply my patch and then it has invoices and Tax
tables setup for Australia.:working: 

So the question is where is the Tax table stored in GnuCash I have the
latest 2.2.6 version. 

My intention is to make it available to the public once done. Note this is
for the Windows Versions ..maybe once done a Linux script by someone!! I am
surely not the only user of GnuCash in Australia, so this will benefit those
new users that are not comfortable in changing code as well.(New Users for
Windows and maybe Linux)

Michael Smith

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