Questions on credit card accounting

Michael DeBusk michael at
Wed Sep 10 11:52:36 EDT 2008

Lee Hauser wrote:

> Does anyone have ideas how to show this in Gnucash? I'd like to get 
> the account details in a QFX file from American Express, but that 
> involves a third account to bring into the mix. I'd like an easy way 
> to show our AmEx transactions as if they were cash

You might be surprised to learn that the way you're doing it is actually
MORE complicated than doing it "the right way". If you set up both...

   Liabilities:Revolving:CostCo American Express

...and make sure the first window that gnucash opens is your account
summary, you'll immediately see the difference between the two balances.
Just enter the charges in your AmEx account as you accrue them (or hook
up with the OFX on a regular basis).

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