Installing Finance::Quote

Gill and Geoff gillandgeoff at
Tue Sep 16 12:25:38 EDT 2008

Hi there

I recently downloaded GnuCash and have happily set up Asset & expense
accounts etc, but am now having problems opening investment accounts because
Finance::Quote is not installed, ie on the New Security page there's a
message saying 'Warning: Finance::Quote not properly installed' and only the
Help & Cancel buttons are available.  Your Tutorial says stock prices can be
updated manually, but you cant do that until you've set up the stock


I found the instructions for installing Finance::Quote too daunting to
attempt - I got lost after 'close down GnuCash.'  I'll be quite happy to
manually update prices if you can tell me how to open the accounts.  If, not
can you send me a non-computer-literate idiots guide to installing it?


I've also got a problem with printing reports - I tried printing a trial
balance, it looked fine on print review, but the hard copy was printed in
mirror image and reverse order!!

Any suggestions?

Many thanks Gill Harding

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