Register auto-complete

Doug Brown toquehead at
Wed Sep 17 11:54:14 EDT 2008

There is something about the register that drives me crazy. I'm sure 
this question will reveal to all that I suffer from Tiny Brain Syndrome, 
but stupid is as stupid does.

I download transactions from my chequing and credit card accounts via 
the manual OFX import. As GC has no concept of vendor, the description 
is important to me, so for common vendors I like to have a readable and 
consistent description. Often the description that accompanies my 
downloaded transactions is not what I want. For example, say I have some 
entries like:


Now lets say I have a few of these in the registry. If I try to retype 
the descriptions to be:

Save On Foods

As I attempt to change the description, the auto-complete feature of GC 
changes my mixed-case typing into all uppercase to match the previous 
entries. The only solution I have found is to do something like add a 
trailing space and save the description, and re-edit it to what I want 
and then remove the trailing space. This is obviously a pain. If I 
happen to have numerous entries, then I have to go through this process 
for each entry until they are all changed.

Is there a convenient way to suppress (1 time only) the normally very 
handy auto-completion of the Description field?



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