another auto-complete point

Shane Litherland litherland-farm at
Sat Sep 20 00:42:27 EDT 2008

Hi all,
the query about getting around autofill reminded me of my experiences I
want to throw in comments about.
It's actually about getting more autofill capability in some areas -
e.g. i create an invoice/AP, and I enter several line items. after i
type the description in the first line, it will auto-complete for any
subsequent lines - great!. But, when i go to make another invoice, i
again have to type the description (and remember my wording for
consistency) in the first line of each new invoice.
Also, even on same invoice, i can autofill a description, but still have
to manually type the unit price, of course this is the same value all
the time for the same type of item too.
I'm still to get right behind the GUI of gnucash, but in my basic
experience with other database type stuff, i'm thinking the other parts
of a line entry (e.g. field for hours/project/materials, or field for
account to post to) always has the autofill / drop-down menu, this must
be sourcing the info from somewhere - forgive my 'dark side' comparison,
but in an MS Access database, this info would be in a table, aka a list
of the options? And for item descriptions in said database, i'd made
tables to list various items, their description, and their unit price.
So, one could type the item/description (or for consistency/safety,
choose from the drop-down list), and the description and unit price
would autofill, on any invoice to any customer. (Basically, the
invoicing process could refer to an inventory of what we could sell to a
client) so, any ideas for improvements in invoices, so description
field, price in a new invoice can still 'look up' descriptions used in
previous invoices? Or have I missed something still?
I'm not using it to such an extent that the manual retyping is a
concern, but this option i think would be good, for speed of use and
consistency in data entered.
As I mentioned, still rough on the code behind gnucash, but if this
sparks any ideas with others, i'm happy to throw more of my
thoughts/suggestions around.


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