Help Files Problem

John Rullman jrullman at
Fri Sep 19 11:11:30 EDT 2008

I get the following message:

"GnuCash could not find the files for the help documentation.  This is likely because the 'gnucash-docs' package is not installed."

when I click either "Tutorial and Concepts Guide" or "Contents" in the GnuCash "Help" menu.  I have checked my installed packages, and find the "gnucash-docs" package is installed, including a total of 258 files.  The docs files are installed below various directories, including the "/usr/share/doc/packages/" and "/usr/share/gnome/help/" directories.

The same error message occurs when the "Help" button is pressed in a dialogue window.

I am running GnuCash ver. 2.2.4 with the following information from the "About" pane:  "This copy was built from r16997M on 2008-06-07."  OS is a very recent installation of openSuse 11.0.

Please provide any assistance you can to correct this problem.  I am looking forward to learning and using GnuCash.

Thank you in advance for your help,

John Rullman
Houston, Texas, USA


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