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Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
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Ricardo Irías <ricardo_irias at hotmail.com> writes:

> Hello,
> so I'm still playing with the program...i think i found a bug...attached 
> are screen prints of two accounts..
> one is the wallet account...it shows a transfer of funds from the 
> rabobank to wallet...rabobank is a Euro account...Wallet is a Dollar 
> account...
> the bug is: a transfer of 164.19USD from rabobank to wallet is displayed 
> in the Rabobank account as a transfer of 355.39Euro....
> the amount in dollars should be greater than the amount of euros....the 
> display int he rabobank account sheet shows the opposite and with a 
> wrong exchange rate....is it easy to fix...can i fix it from my laptop?

You'll need to fix the exchange rate.  Select the transaction,
right click, -> Edit Exchange Rate

Note that the 'local' view of the transaction will always display
the amount in the "local" currency.  So when you open the USD account
it will show you the amounts in USD, and when you open the EUR
account it will show you the amounts in EUR.

> rik

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