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    Some accounting fundamentals.

    You are trying to combine in one report apples and oranges. The 
problem is that the balances of the various income/expense accounts 
represent financial activity over some time interval while the balances 
of accounts like assets, liability, and equity represent a snapshot as 
of some specific point in time (some date).

    NORMALLY you present both types of reports together. You produce a 
"balance sheet" for the beginning of some time period alongside the 
"balance sheet" for the end of that time period together with the 
"income statement" for the time interval so defined. These should agree 
with each other.

    Once you get the process going, you might produce just the balance 
sheet for the end of the time period and the income statement for that 
time period (since the balance sheet you produced for the end of the 
time period last time IS the balance sheet at the start of the current 
time period).

NOTE: The "Income statement" aka "profit and loss report" aka "revenues 
and expenses report" depending on the sort of enterprise


>we are needing a report like the income report but that allows as to view
>assets , income, expenses and liabilities.
>If you use the options in the income report to choose assets and
>liabilities, it doesn´t work. I inspected the code and the types of the
>accounts are fixed only to income and expense.
>We tried to use summary account , but it didn´t allow us to choose an
>initial date, we can only choose a final date
>can someone give us another way to solve our problem ? I tried to write a
>custom report .... but the docs are not very friendly
>maybe you can recommend me some docs from where I can learn to write a
>report in more easy way
>thanks in advance !

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