Changing Gnucash install directory Win XP

Girard Aquino girardaquino at
Wed Sep 24 23:30:29 EDT 2008

I see. I guess I wasn't looking at from the perspective of keeping 
personal files under that path. I always thought my files should be 
stored in My Documents, which, come to think of it, is within the 
windows user profiles directory. no worries. thanks. i've only used 
gnucash for about a month and i am still trying to figure out the right 
structure to manage our finances. if i get my questions right, i'll post 
them and would be looking forward to support coming from the mailing 
list. thanks again.
Nathan Buchanan wrote:
> Hi Girard!
> We store the user's settings in their profile's folder. In my case:
> C:\Documents and Settings\Nathan\.gnucash and for some C:\Documents and
> Settings\Nathan\.gconf
> I fail to see how this is confusing, as it *is* stored in the user's folder.
> Firefox, Opera, Realplayer, Acrobat, etc do the same thing, so we are not
> doing something abnormal.
> Nathan
> On Wed, Sep 24, 2008 at 9:31 AM, Derek Atkins  wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Girard Aquino  writes:
>>> Sorry but I didn't catch the whole discussion about this, but one thing
>>> I found difficult as regards GnuCash on XP is that user profiles aren't
>>> stored under My Documents. This probably makes sense for linux users,
>>> but as far as windows users are concerned, it doesn't seem to be quite a
>>> neat setup.
>> I'm afraid I have no idea what you mean by "User Profiles" here.  Are
>> you talking about the GConf preferences settings?  Or are you talking
>> about the GnuCash data file location?  Or ...
>> You set where your data file is located.
>> GnuCash has no control over where GConf stores its data.
>> Note: I'm not a windows dev and I dont use the windows version of GnuCash.
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