Vista OK

Elizabeth Dodd edodd at
Sun Sep 28 02:37:58 EDT 2008

On Sun, 28 Sep 2008, Steve J wrote:
> I've been using GnuCash for several years w/linux and now Kubuntu. Every
> time I update with apt it seems like problems happen. With the last update
> the computer won't boot at all - kubuntu appears then the screen goes
> blank. I'm thinking about giving up on linux/kubuntu and getting a new
> laptop, which will probably have Vista installed (I've been trying to
> boycot MS!). QUESTION: Will GC easily install with Vista and can I use my
> backup GC file to get going again?  Thanks - Steve J

no idea, but the ubuntu system does not upgrade as smoothly as some others
your current problems are related to your X server and its config file.
try ubuntu forums for help because it will be cheaper on your purse, and you 
can actually sort this out.

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