Business Accounting with Gnucash

Micah Carrick email at
Mon Sep 29 20:51:04 EDT 2008

Hello everyone,

I've been using gnucash for my personal finances for about 2 years, and 
if any contributers to the gnucash project are reading this, great job. 
It's a great piece of software and has been instrumental in some 
incredible financial corrections in my life.

I have just launched a new business (a single-member LLC) and will be 
using gnucash to do my accounting. My plan is to create a new file for 
each quarter, starting with FY09 Q1 (I do one per year for my personal 
finances). Does anybody have any suggestions for me as far as using 
gnucash for my business accounting? This is my first (sort of) business 
and I want to make sure my books are squeaky clean.


- Micah Carrick

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