GnuCash on Windows XP

Richard Ling richard at
Tue Sep 30 02:08:27 EDT 2008

Charles Day wrote:
> On Mon, Sep 29, 2008 at 2:46 PM, Richard Ling 
> <richard at <mailto:richard at>> 
> wrote:

>     The specific problems are:
>     - Gnucash takes around 20-30 seconds to start up - can some modules
>     I don't
>     need be disabled?
>     - Scrolling a short list of transactions is jerky with lots of
>     tearing of
>     the display
>     - The display is often not refreshed properly during/after scrolling
>     leaving large blank areas in the transaction list
>     - How to export all data in a textual form (eg. XML)?

 > Make sure you evaluate version 2.2.7 instead, as several important bugs
 > have been fixed for Windows users.

Thanks Charles, I will...

 > As for the redraw/scrolling issues, I
 > am no authority on this but I believe these are issues within libraries
 > that GnuCash depends on. In other words, the bug may not be in GnuCash
 > itself but in code that we depend on. So we may not be able to do much
 > about it at present.

Does anyone know if the libraries concerned are bundled with the GnuCash 
installer or are part of XP itself?

Asking because if it is the GnuCash installer, the problem might be with 
the more recent versions of these libraries, and an older version might 
work... and also, an older version may be more lightweight which would suit 
my needs.

Thanks in advance,


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