Help setting up Finance::Quote

Beverly Compere ufichina at
Tue Sep 30 10:43:21 EDT 2008

Hi!  I'm an accountant, and have only recently "discovered" GnuCash.  It
looks great, and I'm trying to migrate our small business books over from
Quicken.  I'm working on a Windows XP system, and have managed to get
download set up from credit cards and investment companies.  My last hurdle
is investments/securities prices and tracking.  I have been able to follow
your instructions in the Help pages down to:

1.      Change to that directory, open a root shell and run the command
"gnc-fq-update" (without the quotation marks). This will launch a Perl CPAN
update session that will go out onto the Internet and install the
Finance::Quote module on your system. The gnc-fq-update program is
interactive, however, with most systems you should be able to answer "no" to
the first question: "Are you ready for manual configuration? [yes]" and the
update will continue automatically from that point.

I must confess that I don't know how to open a root shell!  Any help or
suggestions would be appreciated.


Thanks for a great program!
Beverly Compere



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