Advanced Portfolio and dividend in cash (was: How to register a dividend in cash?)

AmigaPhil AmigaPhil at
Mon Apr 27 17:05:15 EDT 2009

 [This is a re-post.  Because of the recent "Barracuda blacklist"
  problems (now solved), I was not sure my first post would have
  been seen.  Sorry if you are receiving this twice.             ]

I'm resurecting an old thread as I was about to ask a question
which was already partly covered in June 2003.
I would like to expand it with a suggestion (see below).

>> Quote from message 007020
> Anyone please tell me how to register a dividend in cash so that it
> is counted in the Advanced Portfolio Report.

>> Quote from message 007033
> I think that Advanced Portfolio Report should take into account all
> dividends in cash when calculating Money Out and Total Return. Am I
> right?

>> Quote from message 007037
> No.  Dividends are not part of a portfolio.

So now, my suggestion...

How about updating the Advanced Portfolio report so that:
(I sent a copy of this message to the author as well.)

 - For each 'Action' (type) account selected

 --- For each 'Incomes' (type) account available

 ----- If the 'Incomes' account has the same Account Code
 ----- as the 'Action' account

 ------- Sum up the transactions in that account
 ------- EXCEPT the transactions already implying the 'Action' account
 -------  (to avoid having a reinjected dividend counted twice)

 ------- Add the balance as dividend in the calculations of the report

This new feature should be added as an option so that the user can
choose to consider the sub-accounts in Incomes:Dividends or not.

What do you think ?

(I would have tried to modify the report myself, but i have not yet the
knowledge for that.)


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