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Divakar Ramachandran divakar07 at dataone.in
Mon Nov 2 14:08:33 EST 2009

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Rishikesh Shukla wrote:
> Hi All.
Hi Rishikesh,

>> Iam Using Gnu Cash since last two months. I really like it. But iam facing
>> some issues which i would like to ask the forum.
>> 1) How i can carry forwarded balance amount of the account to next
month in
>> same account lable.
>> 2) How Can i set the accounting period for the one chart of accounts
Answer to both questions is essentially the same - the same GnuCash
file can be used to store financial data over a period of time  - mine
is the same since about 2007 when I started using GnuCash seriously.
What is usually done is to generate reports covering specific periods
of time such as a month or a year, when required. Only situation where
you would need to carry over th ebalance in an account to the next
month is if you intend to use a fresh file for each month. In that
case consider the "close book:" option under tools, which is really
intended for starting a new file at the end of a financial year.

>> 3) How can i edit the default account list, which generally comes at the
>> time of new account file creation. So that whenever i create new chart of
>> accounts the list will contain my tailored accounts.
I do not know about this one.

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