Possible bug with Cash Flow Report

Anthony Nelson tonyn at openlearning.com
Fri Nov 6 12:44:28 EST 2009

Ok,  I re-ran the Cash Flow report with only the Loan From Shareholder
account selected.  I've attached a screen shot of the report.  It looks, to
me at least, the way it should showing $5000 in and $5000 out.   But, of
course, none of the other cash flow elements are displayed.


Can you change the cash flow report options so that the only account
> selected
> is the Loan From Shareholder account?  Does that show up the "lost" txn?
> (If
> not, then I've got it all wrong and I'll shut up)
> The CF report shows transactions between (all selected accounts) and (all
> un-selected accounts) -  transactions between [a selected account] and
> [another selected account] won't show up, as cash hasn't flowed "out of"
> the
> selection.
> Maf.

-- Tony
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