Does gnucash provide "current value" list of assets?

FireFly fireflys_98 at
Mon Nov 9 22:23:24 EST 2009

> I'm an accounting moron, but would like to know if
> your program will handle my need to track and download
> investments/prices, provide the needed gain/loss
> information, and additionally provide a list of my updated
> current asset values. (net worth). If so, will your last
> stable version accomplish this, and will the interface allow
> a non-accountant (moron) to use it?


When I moved over from Money I found GNUCash very usable (personal accounting, no accountants or businesses involved).

The biggest difference is figuring the double-entry accounting, but once I figured that what money called a "Category" is a full blown account in GNUCash (generally an expense account, at least for me).

Once I had that revelation I was off and flying, and can't say I've looked back.

To confirm though, in case you don't figure it out, 2.2.9 is the latest 
STABLE version, 2.3.X are all testing versions (the actual GNUCash page isn't desperately clear on this front). Personally, GNUCash was the final pin in my start of migrating over to a real OS (Ubuntu) and away from Windows, but that's another story!

- James Duerr

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