How to turn off sound

James Kerr jim at
Wed Nov 11 03:03:32 EST 2009

On Wednesday 11 November 2009 Derek Atkins wrote:

> "jmdennis" <jmdennis at> writes:
> > It makes a beep sound each time I hit some thing on the
> > keyboard.  It may be KDE 4.3 that is causing this as I do not
> > know.  I may use Gnome again but waiting on version 3 to come out
> > first.
> Honestly I think this is a KDE thing, especially if it happens
>  anytime you hit anything on the keyboard..  GnuCash itself has no
>  audio.

Take a look at systemsettings/Notifications/KDE system notifications. 
If there are any sounds set for the events called "Textcompletion ..." 
(I think that there are three such events) then these *may* be the 


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