Can't setup online banking

Daniel Trezub daniel3ub at
Fri Nov 13 13:10:42 EST 2009

2009/11/13 BPG <bigskypa at>

> What does "distro" mean?
Distro is "distribution", or what "flavor" of linux you use. It can be
Ubuntu, Debian, Mandriva, etc.

> No, I don't know how to install packages.

It will depend on what distro you use. I suggest you try to learn it, as it
is an essencial function.

> If it matters, I downloaded gnucash 2.2.9 built (from r17949M on
> 2009-02-23) and now I can setup some online accounts.  I truth, I can only
> download transactions from Discover card and none of my bank accounts.

I cannot help with this matter, as I live in Brazil and no bank is supported
for downloading. I import QIFs from my bank and it works well for me.


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