Can't see R or N in checking account

Maf. King maf at
Tue Nov 17 02:36:39 EST 2009

On Tuesday 17 November 2009 01:26:59 BPG wrote:
> I can't find the R or N columns in my checking account.
> How do I make them visible?
> I'm using Gnucash 2.2.9  and Windows XP


I'm not aware of any option to hide the "reconcile status" column in the 
registers - maybe you have inadvertently shrunk it to zero(ish) width?

It should be between the Transfer Column and the one labeled "payment" 
(or "Debit" depending if you use formal accounting labels)

You should be able to drag the left-hand edge of the "payment" column away 
from the transfer column to reveal the column you are looking for.


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