Backing up Gnucash accounts

Mike or Penny Novack stepbystepfarm at
Tue Nov 17 09:01:38 EST 2009

>I would still be a bit hesitant to use it to backup a bunch of
>sensitive financial data or sync confidential data between several
>computers without encrypting the data myself beforehand.
But surely this is just a matter of HOW the data is going between the 

Old computer to new computer, well you MIGHT be using an external 
network if the two devices were spatially separated by some great 
distance. But I would think more normal procedure would be to dump the 
drives of the old computer to an external drive and then plug that drive 
in to the new computer. That's why I don't think of this as being very 
different from normal backup-restore procedures. And yes, you might very 
well for disaster-recovery purposes send a second copy of your backups 
off to a distant location via an external network. But you would 
normally keep a copy handy*, yes?


* Like here, there is a copy of backups out in the fire safe in a 
different building. But don't want to bother with that one just to 
restore a file destroyed not by a larger scale  "disaster" but just an 
accidental delete, etc. So for that purpose just use the copy sitting on 
the nearby shelf. When I was working there were backups off in some 
remote cave vault BUT there were also copies kept in house you could 
have mounted in minutes.

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