personalized reports with charts

gregory LAROCHE gregory_laroche at
Tue Nov 17 14:03:10 EST 2009

I try to create personalized reports (reports|exemples and personalized reports|multicolumns reports) but I find a problem to generate those, in a particular case:
When 2 images (like barchart or piechart ) neeed to be compiled in the reports only the first one appears.
I try multiple combinaison
1 image + 1 "text report"- succes
but if there is 2 images (barchart and/or piechart ) it failed to build only the second image with error message "Unable to display pie chart" and/or "Unable to push bar chart"
Here is my config:
Windowx XP SP3
GC 2.3.7 18372
If you need my help to debug this problem, I can give you my time.


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