Online banking setup

BPG bigskypa at
Wed Nov 18 10:46:07 EST 2009

I've asked this so many times (sort of).

I'm trying to set up Discover Card (credit card) for downloading into

I was successful last week (when I wasn't really thinking HOW to do it).

Now it doesn't work at all.

I suppose (not that I know for sure) the problem has something to do with

Surely there has to be someone that knows how to set this stuff up!

Yes, I know I can download transactions directly into Gnu after getting them
from Discover's website.  However, this is the year 2009- that method is
stone age.

I'm using Gnu 2.2.9
System Windows XP

Oh, by the way- I found out that Gnucash portable is much faster than 2.2.9

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