GnuCash fails to start on Windows XP system

Peter Kay pkay42 at
Thu Nov 19 12:57:07 EST 2009

Hello all,

I'm sure many people have heard this before, as I can see plenty of
old discussion about some of the problems, but the problems seem to be
marked as FIXED, so I'm posting here to see what people think I should
do as a next step.

My mum is using GnuCash and *loves* it.  However, recently, when she
starts GnuCash, nothing happens.  After several hours of searching
past bug reports and problems, I can give the following information:

Scenario 1:  Mom starts GnuCash

She starts it, gnucash-bin.exe runs, nothing else runs.  She starts
another 60 copies; one of them *might* work.

Scenario 2:  Doing mean things to .gconfd

I have found that I can get gnucash to start.

First step, I delete .gconfd (in C:\Documents and Settings\Mom).  Then
I start GnuCash.  I see that only gnucash-bin.exe is running.

Second step, I kill gnucash-bin.exe, and restart GnuCash.  I see that
gnucash-bin.exe is running, as well as two copies of gconfd-2.exe.  No
windows open.

Third Step, I kill gnucash-bin.exe (I get weird errors reminiscent of if I kill
gconfd-2.exe first).  Then I kill the 2nd gconfd-2.exe.

Fourth Step, I start gnucash again.  Viola!  GnuCash opens.

Hell of a workaround, and I'm not sure mum's up for that one...She's
threatening to go back to paper and pencil!

On, the 2nd link to
a bug ( seems to be
similar to the problem; however, it's marked FIXED - Resolved...

I'm running GnuCash 2.2.9 on Windows XP Professional, SP2, Firewall
(ZoneAlarm) turned off at the moment, and I've tried putting Orbit2
2.13.3 (as well as 14.13) in the bin directory with no effect.

I updated to 2.3.7, just for fun, and got the same situation.  If I
delete all .gnucash and .gnome and .gconfd files, I get a slightly
different scenario:

1st time, .gnucash gets created, then hangs.  No gconfd.exe run
2nd time, .gnome2 and .gnome2_private get created.  gconfd runs.
3rd time, no gconfd runs.
4th time, .gconf and .gconfd are created, gconfd runs, and gnucash
starts.  Note that each time, I killed processes as above.

What's my next step?  Should I post yet another bug report?  Is the
devel list the proper place to do be asking?  Do I buy my mum an
electric pencil sharpener for christmas?

Thanks, and happy financing,

--Peter Kay

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