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> What advantage would it be for me to change from XP to Linux?

There are numerous advantages to Linux over Windows, and disadvantages
as well. Advantages include security, freedom, versatility, cost
(free), among others. Disadvantages are compatibility with the
Windows/Mac world, (usually) more bugs, and a steeper learning curve.

> Will it run all of my Windows programs?

Yes and no. There is an open source project called WINE which allows
you to run a great many Windows programs on Linux, including Microsoft
Office.  But it won't run all Windows programs. There is a database at listing various Windows programs and how well the do
under WINE.

Can I keep XP on my machine and change back and forth between Linux and

You certainly can. This is called dual booting.

A more interesting approach than dual booting is to boot to either
Windows or Linux and then run the other operating system as a guest
operating system. For example, I boot to Linux, but I have installed a
utility that allows me to install Windows as a guest operating system.
As far as Linux is concerned Windows is just another application. I
rarely need Windows, but if I do it takes just a couple mouse clicks
and it launches in a window on my Linux desktop. Inside that window I
can install and run any Windows application.

Further details are off-topic for the gnucash list. But you can find
out a lot online. I recommend you get a live CD of a Linux
distribution. The live CD will allow you to boot to Linux from the CD
drive without touching your hard drive. Because it runs from the CD
drive it will be slow, but it will allow you to poke around in Linux.

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