Sorry to say Good-bye to GnuCash

Colin Scott gnucash at
Fri Nov 20 03:23:00 EST 2009

I've moved my Rotary Club's accounts to GnuCash under Windows, and have
been using it for about a year now.

Apart from some difficulties with reporting - but these are design
matters, not bugs! - I have had no significant problems so far.  OK, I
don't use online banking (which seems to be the aspect that causes most
grief, and which AIUI Quicken no longer keeps up with), and I would argue
with a number of the product's design decisions.  However, it does what
it's meant to do. and has not (touch wood!) lost my data nor calculated
anything incorrectly.  It may not be as superficially "friendly" as
Quicken, but IMHO it is generally pretty easy to understand and use.

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