Question about Linux.

Colin Law clanlaw at
Fri Nov 20 04:42:43 EST 2009

2009/11/19 BPG <bigskypa at>:
> What advantage would it be for me to change from XP to Linux?
> Will it run all of my Windows programs?
> Can I keep XP on my machine and change back and forth between Linux and XP?

I have a dual boot boot Ubuntu/XP setup but now find I very rarely use
XP.  Have a look at this free downloadable beginner's guide to Ubuntu
and go for it.  It
is just a little out of date as it refers to a previous version of
Ubuntu.  There is a great users mailing list at where beginners
are welcome (provided they have at least tried using Google to answer
their question and have looked at the FAQs on the Ubuntu website).
The great thing that ubuntu did for me was to give me the feeling that
I was back in control of my PC again.

The current Ubuntu (version 9.10) will install GC 2.2.9 for you from
it's online repository in about 30 seconds.


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