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A jump to linux just like that is too big to envisage.  I would suggest the following approach.

Go to and download a copy of Sun's Virtualbox program for your Windows machine.  It's free.

Go to and download a copy of Ubuntu 9.10.  It's also free.  It will come as a file with the file type .iso.

Burn this to a cd so you have a bootable cd.

Start Virtualbox and create a new virtual machine which runs the Ubuntu operating system.

Now you will find that you have a window on your Windows machine in which Ubuntu is running, and you can test it all you want, find which of your favourite programs are available for Ubuntu and which have alternatives.

One thing you can do directly is to install the Ubuntu version of GC, load in your data and run it in this window in its native environment.

Before I retired I did the reverse.  My workstation at work ran Ubuntu as the normal operating system, and I had a copy of Virtualbox  in which I ran Windows for the sake of being able to use two or three of my company's programs which would only run in Windows.  Indeed, even after I retired, my home pc ran Ubuntu with Windows in a Virtualbox window.  Now I use a Mac, and I have both Windows and Ubuntu in separate windows, mostly for old times' sake cos I haven't found anything I could do in Windows that I can't do better on a Mac.  :)


On Nov 20, 2009, at 00:44 , BPG wrote:

> What advantage would it be for me to change from XP to Linux?t
> Will it run all of my Windows programs?
> Can I keep XP on my machine and change back and forth between Linux and XP?
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