Reconcile Freezes GnuCash in Vista

khslocum catcher at
Mon Nov 23 12:17:39 EST 2009

Maybe you have a pop-under modal dialog?  Try to move your windows
around and see if you got a window that popped "under" the main window?


I tried again to confirm and, no, there are no orphaned dialogs...  Vista
helpfully told me that GnuCash-bin.exe is not responding when I forced the
program to close through Task Manager.

You have gotten me thinking, though.  I had to return my 30 inch monitor for
warranty work and disabled the second monitor before I removed it.  Would it
be possible that the dialog is hanging out in virtual desktop space?  When I
get my monitor back and running, perhaps this will resolve itself.  

Thanks for the thought.    
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