Client--Server Implementation Model.

Josh Sled jsled at
Tue Nov 24 13:41:03 EST 2009

Rishikesh Shukla <sequester1981 at> writes:
> I am using GNU cash since last 6 month for my personal use. I like it very
> well.
> Now, I decided to put it in my business. So instead on putting to every
> desktop which will be a local data, and need extra effort to collect and
> analysis.
> So i decided to put it in Client--server model so that every department will
> have access to application using the web interface.
> Do anybody have any idea how to implement it , how the register interface
> can be converted to web page etc. How to diffrentiate the server logic and
> client logic components.

With a lot of effort.

Your question is very open-ended; what are you asking, specifically?

The core gnucash engine could be adapted to a different application
model and user interface, sure.  There is, unfortunately, a lot of
application logic that's too close to the UI code, e.g., in button-press
handlers.  So that would need to be factored out.

I'd not try to salvage anything from the existing register ui
abstraction code, especially considering that it's already been
re-written even for a normal desktop app model, let alone a
web-request/response model.

I'd say there's many person-years of effort to get where you want
From the current gnucash codebase.

(I'd argue it is less work to properly re-build gnucash using modern
toolkits/frameworks and techniques.)

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