Find duplicate transactions

Ken kmailuk at
Thu Nov 26 11:08:47 EST 2009

Hi.  I am quite new to GnuCash and have some question with regards to
finding duplicate transactions.  Is there an easy way to do it?  For
instance, if I have lots of transfers from my account at Bank A to my
account at Bank B and download the transactions I appear to have
duplicate entries in both account.  Bank A shows the withdrawal with
an "Imbalance" as the offsetting transaction. Bank B shows a deposit
with an "Imbalance" as the offsetting transaction.  There does not
seem to be an easy way for me to quickly find and delete these

It would be nice if there were a search tool that looked for all
transactions which have "similar" transactions. That might be defined
as where two transactions have transactions values with, say, 1% of
each other and dates within, say, 5 days of each other.  I could then
go through this list of "similar" transactions and delete the

Unless there is already a better way to do so?


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