Client--Server Implementation Model.

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>> > So i decided to put it in Client--server model so that every department will
>> > have access to application using the web interface.
>> >
> ....
>> With a lot of effort.
>> Your question is very open-ended; what are you asking, specifically?
>> The core gnucash engine could be adapted to a different application
>> model and user interface, sure.  There is, unfortunately, a lot of
>> application logic that's too close to the UI code, e.g., in button-press
>> handlers.  So that would need to be factored out.
> Hi John,
> quick question: do you know to what extend gnucash 2.3x/2.4 will be able to handle concurrent users when using gnucash with a database, e.g. postgresql? The gnucash installation on every PC would still be required, but all users would access the same data store.

AIUI, there is no concurrent-multi-user support in 2.3.x/2.4.  The
application still believes it has an exclusive view of the data, and is
thus not setup to re-query data at each view step, or to synchronize
with other application instances or via the database itself.  I'm not
actively following gnucash development at present, so I might be out of
date, but I don't believe I am.

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