Transactions not appearing correctly

Ken kmailuk at
Mon Nov 30 07:57:09 EST 2009

It appears that each transaction in a register is associated with a
currency. For example:




In one of my accounts some of the transactions are associated with the
incorrect currency.  This appears to be stored in the XML but transparent to
the GnuCash user.
*(1) How can I see the currency in a register?
(2) How can I change the currency in a register?*

Many thanks,

2009/11/28 Ken <kmailuk at>

> I have made a bit more progress...
> I have attached a file with the XML for the transaction which is not
> working and the transaction which is (in my previous email I failed to
> include the XML of the entire transaction entry).  It appears that the main
> difference between two, other than the fact that the "quantity" is being
> shown as zero, the "currency" is also different in each example. In the
> example that fails, the currency is XAU but in the example that works the
> currency is USD.
> What is meant by the "currency" field in a transaction like this?  Is it
> possible to change the "currency" in a transaction from the register?  Would
> you consider it a bug when I can successfully enter a transaction in the
> register for the "stock" but it does not show up in the register for the
> "cash" part of the brokerage account?  Should this issue be easier to see
> and resolve from the register?
> Many thanks,
> Ken

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