Upgrade from v2.3.1 - sql schema conversion

Geert Janssens janssens-geert at telenet.be
Sat Jun 5 10:50:05 EDT 2010

On Saturday 5 June 2010, bdebrabant wrote:
> Hi,
> I am currently running gnucash 2.3.1 with postgresql backend.
> When recently trying to upgrade to the latest release, I've faced a few
> issues related to the db changes.
> When launching gnucash after the upgrade, it recreated the db schema,
> dumping the existing one (which I had to restore from backup).
> One thing I've tried was to dump the data into an xml file. It failed,
> due apparently to the amount of data.
> Aren't the db changes supposed to be automatically applied to the
> existing schema (new columns, date formatting) when upgrading?
> If not, is there a tool to convert my current database?
You are using an unstable version of GnuCash. There is no guarantee on data 
compatibility between unstable releases. So no, the db changes aren't 
automatically applied.

If you say you tried to dump to xml, do you mean you tried to "Save as..." 
from within GnuCash ? And that didn't work ? Can you open it with say 2.2.9 ?

Other than that, you could try to export to QIF and reimport that in a newer 
version. Or perhaps Phill has got a better idea.

Oh, and if the data is important to you, please don't manipulate it with some 
unstable software ;)


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