embedded python interpreter

Mark Jenkins mark at parit.ca
Wed Jun 9 12:05:40 EDT 2010

Gour <gour at gour-nitai.com> writes:
>> What about the possibility to use Python to tweak gnucash reports or
>> this is still domain to be covered by eguile?

Derek Atkins wrote:
> There will not be a python interpreter in GnuCash, so no, you cannot use
> Python to tweak or create reports internally.  That will still be
> covered by guile/eguile.  You could, however, write a standalone python
> report.  Or indeed you could write any standalone python app to read or
> manipulate gnucash data.

It certainly doesn't exist right now, but I believe an embedded
interpreter is technically doable.

GnuCash has a module system, and if I understand correctly the inclusion
or exclusion (depending on end-user desires) of an embedded python
interpreter and the interfaces for putting it to use could be done at
run time. (and the availability of such a thing decided on at build
time) Don't know if this would get accepted here upstream, but a
patch/branch that's kept in sync with upstream could be maintained in an
version control system elsewhere.

For any interested programmers here's the fine manual:
Embedding Python in Another Application

Swig may (or may not) also be useful for this kind of thing

I'd totally work on this if if had other things out of the way and if
there was funding available.


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