xml/sql conversion and balance sheet report rollup issue

hasmeta at yahoo.com hasmeta at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 10 11:14:23 EDT 2010


I am running gnucash 2.3.14 with the xml data store. Almost all transactions are in USD, except for a few in EUR, HKD etc. The xml price database has some value for every currency and fund at some point in time. There aren't too many datapoints, but they suffice.

When I save this datastore in sqlite3, I see that no price info has been saved; i.e., Tools|Price Editor shows nothing. Account hierarchy appears to be the same. However, some accounts are missing transactions; sometimes only debit, sometimes only credit.

Also, when I run the balance sheet report against the xml data store, totals aren't rolled up at all. For instance, every account under Assets:Current has a positive or zero USD balance, but Assets:Current rollup is 0.

Is there a tool that checks the internal consistency of the xml/sql data stores?

How can I run gnucash in debug mode to see warnings?


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