Berni Elbourn berni at
Tue Jun 29 04:37:44 EDT 2010

Colin Scott wrote:
> Se deve avere una password, lavora comme uno utente chi deve impostare
> una password per fare login al systema.  Secondo me no e possibile
> impostare una password al inizio di programma gnucash senza modificando
> lo.
> Sono inglese - mi dispiace se il mio italiano non e correto ...  ;-)
> (The gentleman asked how it is possible to enter a password in the
> program.  I have replied that in my opinion you cannot do this without
> modifiying the program, and the way to password gnucash is to work as a
> user who must enter a password to login to the system.  I hope this was
> the correct answer!  I then apologised for my poor italian ...)
> Colin

Yep, but just a password in Gnucash would not add much value.

Assuming a good desktop and screen saver password it is possible to 
encrypt the directory where the accounts are stored using other tools.

e.g: Maybe or

Please make sure the directory is decrypted before starting GnuCash ... 
and dont loose the decryption keys.


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