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On 2010-09-24, at 13:13, Oda Stout wrote:

> Hello, I just started using gnucash since my old moneycounts program will not work on my new HP computer with Windows 7 OS.  What is the best way to backup the gnucash data file so that I can find it quickly? Thanks in advances.  Jess

I highly recommend getting a free Dropbox account [1] and storing your GnuCash data file in there. Check out the website to learn the benefits of their instant-backup scheme, they have a nice intro video.

First pick a folder where you want to keep your GnuCash data file. Let’s say it’s Documents\My Dropbox\gnucash. You can create the gnucash folder easily inside Documents\My Dropbox.

With GnuCash open and your data file loaded, click File > Save As…, then in the Save As dialog box navigate to the Documents\My Dropbox\gnucash folder, give the file an easy-to-remember name (say, money.gnucash), and click Save As. Now you’ll know that the data file is in there and can always get to it.

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