Using account codes in transactions

Katona Gábor katonag at
Sat Jan 1 13:06:47 EST 2011

  Hello GnuCash experts,

I have set up a chart of account and added account codes to every
account of the chart in a way similar to the documentation. So I have
for example:

500 - expenses (placeholder)
|- 510 Food (placeholder)
   |- 511 Milk
    - 512 Meat

When adding a transaction I can type the account code in the transfer
field and after a Tab GnuCash fills the account name correctly. However,
to use this feature I have to know the account code exactly! This is not
too realistic. More precisely, it is rather unrealistic if you have more
than a few accounts.
If am not sure if Milk is 511 or 512, GnuCash offers no help, because
while typing the account code, the accounts are not listed. I would
expect that a list of the possible accounts based on the typed account
code appears. So when 5 is typed, "expenses" and the accounts below
(only the first sublevel) would appear as account code - account name.
After typing 1, so 51 is typed, Food and the accounts below would list.
This way if I am not sure about the exact ending, I have immediate
visual help. I do not have to touch the mouse, do not have to scroll
through accounts, because the possible account are visible, so I can
immediately type in the missing number. This extremely increases
productivity in professional accounting programs, this is why I am
looking for it in GnuCash.
Is it possible to enable such behaviour in GnuCash? I really miss this

Thank you for your answers.


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