stock price broken

brad bradhaack at
Sat Jan 1 17:34:17 EST 2011

I've done some more poking around.  I started up gc 2.2.9 (i ignored the
recommendation to uninstall the old version when I installed 2.4),
opened up an older file and I see the same thing, except that in the
transaction there is an imbalance that doesn't go to the imbalance
accnt, ie, on that line there is an amount, but no account.

Since the number of shares are correct and the $ amount is correct and
there is nothing shown in the imbalance accnt it's possible that this
could have been corrupted a while back & I didn't see it.  But why can't
I change the price and fix it???   Is it because 2.2.9 is using a new
library that I installed for 2.4?  I reinstalled the ubuntu distro gc
2.2.9 using aptitude, but nothing was updated.   Do I need to manually
remove some libs?   Is there a config file I'm overlooking that I should
revert back to an older one?

Hopefully there's something really simple that I'm missing.

On Sat, 2011-01-01 at 14:29 -0700, brad wrote:
> Stock/fund prices for transactions which were correct, now show stock
> price of $1 and the price can't be changed.  It isn't all of the
> transactions, maybe most of them though.  Some right some wrong in the
> same account.  The security/currency field for the account is set to the
> correct security.  
> ubuntu 10.04, gc 2.4.0  I've been using sqlite, but reverted back to an
> xml file and see the same issue.
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