Unexplained Unrealized Losses on Balance Sheet Report

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> > Folks,
> > 
> > GnuCash Version 2.2.4 with Ubuntu 08.04 LTS
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> > On the balance sheet report I generated for the year
> just ended, in the Equity section is a line Unrealized
> Losses that follows the Retained Earnings figure (that is
> the difference between income & expenses). All my
> records show that there should be Unrealized GAINS not
> loses... How do I find out what is causing this to happen
> and correct it?
> > 
> > I have looked through my accounts and find nothing
> obvious. I am not an accountant just a user.
> > 
> > Thanks and Happy New Year,
> > Jay
> I seem to have discovered my own problem...
> I had moved some mutual funds between one and another. As
> far as I can tell there needs to be two separate
> transactions one for the sale and another for the purchase.
> so in a diagram this is what I was doing:
> fund A fund B 100 23.50 2350.00
> and it should be done this way:
> fund A cash -100 23.50 2350.00
> cash fund B 100 23.50 2350.00
> That cleared up the problem, at least I think it did
> because the large unrealized loss went away.

Was thinking of suggesting that, based on my playing earlier in the year the advanced portfolio (at least) doesn't like it if you have transactions from Income directly into mutual funds, or transactions from one mutual fund to another, personally I always go via a cash account nowadays, as much as anything because, that's likely the way it works anyway.

- James Duerr

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