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trythis grahamlane at
Sun Jan 2 12:40:57 EST 2011

So way back on 2.2.9 when I did a search for something and nothing came up,
the find window vanished and required that I reopen it.

In a later beta version, this problem was fixed, but it was an unstable
version, so I didnt use it for every day activity.

I just tried a bad search it in 2.4 and poof, the search window goes away on
a failed or successful search query. 

The good news is that the refine search features work now within a blank or
a successful search, but I still have to open Find again.

Is there an option somewhere that I can tick to keep the Find dialogue open
when I get a null result?


I was fussed at for thinking it was irritating to have to open Find each
time the last time I brought this up, but when you have to do that 30 or 40
times an hour, it gets old.
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