tiaa-cref quotes stopped working October 6

Richard Nelson richardmnelson at
Sun Jan 2 21:41:00 EST 2011

Mike & David,

Well that fixed it for me. David was correct that I was looking in /opt/local for my since that showed up in spotlight, and the one that was being used was actually in /Library/Perl/blah/blah/blah and when I got the new version from Mike installed everything worked. I really appreciate the patience with my complete noobisity, and I have made some notes to help get this fixed when Tiaa-Cref decides to change their website address again which they seem to do on an annoyingly regular basis. Anyway, thanks so much for your patient help. I was about to deselect updates for tiaacref out of shear frustration and this has been a huge help.

On Jan 2, 2011, at 4:12 PM, Mike Alexander wrote:

> --On January 1, 2011 3:28:11 PM -0500 David Reiser <dbreiser at> wrote:
>> On Jan 1, 2011, at 2:34 PM, Richard Nelson wrote:
>>> Pretty much says it all. There was a patch posted on this list in
>>> mid-November that didn't fix things for me. Upgraded to 2.4.0 today,
>>> ran gnc-fq-update which did update some things but tiaacref is still
>>> not working for me. Any suggestions? Thanks!
>>> Richard
>> A new version of gnucash has nothing to do with whether finance-quote
>> is fixed. For that you need to ask the finance-quote maintainer to
>> release a fixed version.
>> Were you able to tell if the patch applied correctly? If you can find
>> the file in your perl installation, you could replace it
>> with the attached file. The attached file (just the result of the two
>> patches mentioned in the finance-quote bug list discussion) has been
>> working for me since mid October.
>> Make sure you replace the right file if you have more than one
>> version of perl installed.
> There is another patch (actually two more patches -- I just uploaded a minor fix for the first one) for this module at <>.  These patches add about 70 more funds to the list of funds the module can retrieve. Maybe these patches will become part of the distribution someday.  In the meantime I've attached my version to
>        Mike
> <>

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