Reducing File Size

Fred Bone Fred.Bone at
Tue Jan 4 10:17:56 EST 2011

On 3 January 2011 at 20:21, Doug Pastorello said:

> Mike,
> You can rename the attachment.bin file to I have no
> experience in doing this on a Windows system, but I'll try giving some
> insight based on my Lunix work. In Linux, the GnuCash database is an XML
> file, which is compressed. My script works on the XML file directly, so
> the database needs to be uncompressed before using the script. I expect
> there is a Windows tool that can be used to uncompress the DB. Maybe there
> is another Windows user in the community here that can describe how to
> access the GnuCash XML database. 

Best approach IMHO is to do a "save" (or "save as", which might be better 
for this scenario) after first unsetting "Compress files" (in Edit -> 
Preferences -> General).

Windows can unzip, but won't recognise the file as zipped unless it is 

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