date completion

Peter Selinger selinger at
Wed Jan 5 19:31:10 EST 2011

A question I always mean to ask this time of year: is there a way to
change the default date completion behavior of GnuCash?

Today is January 5, 2011. If I enter a transaction with an incomplete
date, such as 12/30, GnuCash automatically enters this as 12/30/2011,
which is what I want in 0% of cases. 

Conversely, last week, when I entered the date 1/5 last week, GnuCash
recorded this as 01/05/2010.

As a result, around the turn of the year, I constantly have to enter
full dates, which is inconvenient.

I checked the preferences and could not find a setting for changing
this behavior. Is there one? 

Thanks, -- Peter

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